Celeste Schott says…

Last January, I received my 1099 in the mail.  I opened it and wanted to cry.  I decided at that point I needed to make a change. I don’t like change, though!  Nope, it was absolutely necessary, unavoidable, undeniable and inevitable!  I was not going to continue another day feeling controlled, oppressed and depressed. I have worked too hard at my real estate career. My mothers words resounded “work smarter, not harder”, and my husbands words, “sometimes change is good”.  So, I asked around and one of my fellow constituents suggested I call Linda Reynolds.

I signed on with Linda a month later, in February. Within the first 6 months I earned more income closing deals with Linda than I did all year, last year, with that former broker.  From the start, Linda said, “Celeste, you’re going to wish you had made the switch sooner.”  She was right!

Linda’s knowledge of technology is phenomenal and far surpasses the competition.  Technology is where it is at these days.  She offers this knowledge plus marketing and branding tips.  She mentors and nurtures her agents in every possible way.  And, for the first time in 13 years as an agent, I now have my own website, thanks to Linda. (And it’s free!)

The broker/agent relationship at Reynolds Realty is one of RESPECT. Finally, I now enjoy building MY business, and the feeling is both liberating and exhilarating!  I am truly blessed to have someone like Linda to work and grow with, and I’m staying put!

Celeste Schott

Gary Schmeichel Says…

Working with Linda Reynolds and Reynolds Realty of Manatee has been the best decision I ever made for my real estate business.  Not only do I get the benefit of an ultra low flat fee commission split, which helps me increase my bottom line on every deal, but I get the expertise of a Broker who really cares and watches out for her agents.  Linda is very knowledgeable and is always there when I have a “broker question”.  I can’t imagine why anyone would be anywhere else.


Gary Schmeichel

Reynolds Realty of Manatee

Cell: 941.545.3344

Fax: 800-676-0109


Angela Pitcher Says…

I’ve been with Reynolds Realty of Manatee for over 4 years.  I have been free to grow my business and earn my money in my own choosing of how much & how often! No pressure! I am so driven and motivated knowing I can keep almost 100% of my commission. With honest & educated support Reynolds Realty of Manatee is exactly what I was looking for!


Mary Moore Says….

I joined Reynolds Realty directly coming out of Real Estate School. From the moment that I started, Linda has spent many long hours with me to make sure that I learned and understood the business. She is ready and willing to give individualized training to each agent if they are struggling with anything or would just like to update their skills. She has continued to be there for me anytime that I have questions or need help in any way. She has been so helpful and has always been there for support. She truly cares about each agent in her company and wants each one to be successful.

I have heard and continue to hear of agents that work for other real estate companies and are not happy with their current situation. They have had no training, no guidance and most of all no support.

At Reynolds Realty, you can be assured that you will get the attention, training and support you need. Linda is there for you when you need her and all of the agents are also there for support, which makes visiting the office a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We also have a wonderful closing coordinator, Mara, who is very knowledgeable, helpful and stays on top of our closings transactions.

I am very glad to be an agent of Reynolds Realty and look forward to working with Linda throughout my career.

Mary Moore

Becky Troutt Says…

I have worked as a Realtor with Linda Reynolds since April 2004. She was an agent at another brokerage and had her own “Team” at that company. She then decided to get her brokers license and open her own brokerage. All the agents that were on her team including myself joined her in the opening of Reynolds Realty of Manatee Inc. She has provided excellent one-on-one training and equipped me with all the necessary support structure to become a Top Producing Agent.

As a new agent in 2004, I of course had many questions of the correct procedures in order to get to closing smoothly. During the learning process many Brokers are not reachable to help you answer your questions. Linda was always available to help answer my questions and provide me with ideas and suggestions in case the same question or problem occurred at a later date.

Instead of working for a Real Estate Brokerage that lets you “hang your license” there and upon arrival the first day, hands you a phone book and says “Good Luck”…..Reynolds Realty of Manatee Inc will provide you with the correct training and support structure needed in order to make it in this business.

Bottom line is, I couldn’t imagine working for another company especially if I were a brand new agent and didn’t know where to begin after receiving my license. When most companies are out there just to make a buck and don’t care about any of the agents in their large companies, and don’t care if any of the agents make it or not…….Linda does care!

Becky Troutt

Jeff Mummert Says…

As an independent contractor, my association with Reynolds Realty represents the best in my 20+ years of real estate activity.

The support, education, professionalism, friendship, respect, is unequaled. For me, no open houses, no floor duty, operate from my home office.

Yes, a terrific business association.

Jeff Mummert

Jim McDonough Says….

I want to thank you for the great opportunity for allowing me to become part of Reynolds Realty of Manatee. Prior to joining Reynolds Realty I worked for two major real estate brokerage companies. I found myself totally unprepared due mainly to the lack of proper training and guidance.

One prior broker took their commission and on top of that I paid my supervising broker another 14% of my commission. She was to mentor, teach, and assist me, this never developed. She was to busy tending to company business and group training (unfortunately not the right training). After several months and being totally frustrated I put my license in the voluntary inactive status.

I often thought of what I would want in a Broker. I found Linda Reynolds to be a Broker who cares about her agents. Her concern is that each agent receives individualized training and guidance they need to become a top producing agent. She insists upon integrity and fairness. Linda has spent many patient hours assisting me with some of many aspects of real estate.

Prior to receiving Linda’s personalized training and guidance, real estate sales was a daily struggle. I now feel I have a big edge over all other agents. Linda has given me a solid foundation of knowledge, and the confidence to move forward.

Lastly, Linda’s commission policy is the best any agent could ask for. In my opinion, I received the best training and support team with only a minuscule amount of commission in return. I feel very fortunate to be part of Reynolds Realty of Manatee.

Thanks Linda,

Jim McDonough