Celeste Schott says…

Last January, I received my 1099 in the mail.  I opened it and wanted to cry.  I decided at that point I needed to make a change. I don’t like change, though!  Nope, it was absolutely necessary, unavoidable, undeniable and inevitable!  I was not going to continue another day feeling controlled, oppressed and depressed. I have worked too hard at my real estate career. My mothers words resounded “work smarter, not harder”, and my husbands words, “sometimes change is good”.  So, I asked around and one of my fellow constituents suggested I call Linda Reynolds.

I signed on with Linda a month later, in February. Within the first 6 months I earned more income closing deals with Linda than I did all year, last year, with that former broker.  From the start, Linda said, “Celeste, you’re going to wish you had made the switch sooner.”  She was right!

Linda’s knowledge of technology is phenomenal and far surpasses the competition.  Technology is where it is at these days.  She offers this knowledge plus marketing and branding tips.  She mentors and nurtures her agents in every possible way.  And, for the first time in 13 years as an agent, I now have my own website, thanks to Linda. (And it’s free!)

The broker/agent relationship at Reynolds Realty is one of RESPECT. Finally, I now enjoy building MY business, and the feeling is both liberating and exhilarating!  I am truly blessed to have someone like Linda to work and grow with, and I’m staying put!

Celeste Schott

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