Stuart Bailey Says …

After relocating to sunny Florida and being a new realtor  just out of school, I have found that I have made the best decision I could make and join the Reynolds Realty Gulf Coast team. I  highly recommend Reynolds Realty Gulf Coast.  It has been a great experience working with Linda Reynolds.

One of the advantages of being with Reynolds Realty is is the advantage of being able to contact her anytime with any questions. The company is the most ethical, honest companies around. Linda Reynolds has a saying and it is ” I am here to make sure my agents are successful and have all the tools to available to them.” She does stand by her word.  I have interviewed with other big companies and have found that no other company could compare to Reynolds Realty Gulf Coast.

I have learned so much and never felt like I was put in the water to either sink or swim. The company has above and beyond proven to me that I could not have made a better choice. In school they do not teach you half of what an agent needs to be successful, but with Reynolds Realty, it really made a difference. She has motivated me and picked me up when I needed help. Taught me what it takes to be a great realtor!

The benefits of working with Reynolds Realty Gulf Coast are huge!
Stuart Bailey

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